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Pulsed Magnetic Fields
enhancing the healing process

Gentle and easy to use, the cutting-edge concept of pulsed magnetic fields is gaining increased interest for improving many health issues. By imitating the low magnetic fields that occur naturally in our bodies, these safe, non-invasive pulses help normalize the body's own bio-electrical system, thus promoting health.

Long-lasting beneficial actions on the body can be created by using the pulsed magnetic field treatment for as little as 15 minutes a day. Many people experience some relief or relaxation immediately. The treatment can help to...

  • Detoxify the body and improve water absorbtion.
  • Augment sleep and relaxation.
  • Reduce pain, body aches, inflammation/swelling.
  • Maximize the body's ability to use nutrients.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Increase oxygen uptake and reduce respiratory problems and asthma attacks

To learn about this mild, but dramatically effective approach and how it can help you or your family, call 847.297.8280. Sally Martin-Ranft is a licensed clinician and distributor.

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